Waiting for Sword and Shield: Which Are the Most Popular Pokemon? 52,000 Users Answer!

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From the Nintendo Treehouse E3 2019 station, the first gameplay of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield was shown to the public. During the same event, it was also announced that the two titles will allow players access to Galar’s Pokedex only.

This choice changes the setting adopted by Game Freak during the previous chapters of the famous videogame saga and caused disappointment in part of the brand-related community. The software house explained the reasons that led to this choice, also underlining how the Galar Pokedex will not only include unpublished creatures.

While waiting for more information, a Reddit user, known on the forum as “mamamia1001”, launched an interesting online survey, to try to find out which Pokemon are the most loved by the community. According to reports, the latter would have seen the participation of about 52,000 users, who expressed their preferences on over 800 Pokemon born over time from the fantasy of Game Freak. It is rather interesting to take a look at the results obtained. In the most beloved Pokemon, top-ten include the following creatures:

  1. Charizard: 1,107 votes;
  2. Gengar: 1,056 votes;
  3. Arcanine: 923 votes;
  4. Bulbasaur: 710 votes;
  5. Blaziken: 613 votes;
  6. Umbreon: 607 votes;
  7. Lucario: 604 votes;
  8. Gardevoir: 585 votes;
  9. Eevee: 581 votes;
  10. Dragonite: 551 votes;

As you can see below, the Reddit user has further revised the data, providing other interesting considerations. What do you think, if you were to indicate only one, which would be your favorite Pokemon?

Favourite Pokémon Survey – RESULTS from pokemon