What Happened to the Mobile and Switch Versions of Apex Legends? Respawn Explains It to Us

What Happened to the Mobile and Switch Versions of Apex Legends Respawn Explains It to Us

Interviewed by the editors of USGamer at the end of E3 2019, the executive producer of Respawn Entertainment, Drew McCoy, returned to talk about the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends and explained how the transposition of Electronic’s battle royale to iOS and Android is proceeding Arts.

Regarding the mobile version of Apex Legends , announced by Respawn during the EA Play of the Los Angeles fair, McCoy preferred to gloss over the subject and stated that “at this specific moment we do not want to talk about the mobile version, but I can say that it is a which we are exploring to try to understand if it is a feasible thing” .

If the chances of exploring the Canyon of the King’s island within a short time by grabbing our trusty smartphone are reduced to a tiny light, the possibility of facing the challenges of EA’s free shooter on Nintendo Switch is even more remote, as the producer explains. Respawn executive reporting that “it is not something we are currently dealing with”.

The Season 2 of Apex Legends, scheduled to launch in early July, will, therefore, take place exclusively on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The only chance that the boys of Respawn offer us to “play on the move” at their battle royale is therefore the one represented by the use of the grapple to hold on to the Dragons who stormed the arena flying in the skies of Apex Legends, an event that contributed to adding a touch of unpredictability to the legendary gaming experience.