Zelda Link’s Awakening for Switch: Aonuma Hopes to Develop Zelda Maker

Zelda Link's Awakening Comes out on Switch on September 20th, New Trailer

Exchanging a chat with Kotaku’s editors, Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma suggested that the success of Super Mario Maker 2 and, above all, the reception of The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening could push the Japanese video game giant to make a Zelda Maker.

In reference to the presence of the Dungeon Chamber in Zelda Link’s Awakening , and therefore of the possibility for users to create small dungeons with a convenient level editor , Aonuma explains that “I cannot predict the future, but if people love this idea of ​​the dungeon editor, obviously I’ll keep it in mind for the future “ .

The emulators of Link who will explore the island of Koholint and decide to dedicate themselves to the creation of personalized “castles” through the Dungeon editor of the upcoming video game of The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo Switch, therefore, could push the Kyoto house to evaluate the development of a real title in its own right along the lines of Super Mario Maker.

hypothetical Zelda Maker, moreover, could easily draw on the boundless baggage of experiences offered by the two-dimensional chapters of the glorious age of the 8 and 16-bit consoles like NES and SNES, but also re-propose levels with fully three-dimensional graphics such as Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask for Nintendo 64. In any case, it would be a project capable of embracing several generations of fans of The Legend of Zelda and having enormous potential, both in terms of content and purely commercial. Do you also like the idea of ​​trying out the editor of a Zelda Maker for Switch?

Waiting to understand what margins of maneuver Nintendo could have in giving shape to this project, we remind you that Zelda Link’s Awakening will arrive on Switch next September 20th. Also expected on Nintendo Switch is the arrival, hopefully by the end of 2020, of the sequel to Zelda Breath of the Wild.