Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: Where to Find All the Shortcuts

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, New Riders and Free Circuits After the Launch!

One of the best strategies to win Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled races is to take advantage of track shortcuts to gain valuable meters. In this mini-guide, we show you where to find them within all the tracks included in the game.

Below we list all the shortcuts in the Crash Team Racing tracks: Nitro Fueled, explaining how to exploit them.

All the shortcuts of Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

Crash Bay
The shortcut to Crash Bay is located after making the first left turn. Continue past the ramp to gain speed and then jump from the puddle to the lawn on the small hill.

Mystery Caves
There is a shortcut just to the left after the first group of turtles.

Pista Cloaca
This shortcut is complicated but allows you to gain precious seconds. Try crossing it with an active triple boost, being careful to keep control of the kart.

Roo Vials
With sufficient thrust, you can jump to the end of this ramp to the left and move to the ground to save a lot of time.

Coco Park
This shortcut is at the beginning of the track, just before the tunnel. With sufficient thrust you can increase the speed through the heap of grass on the left, thus saving time.

Papu Pyramid
As soon as you reach the top of the pyramid, you can drift through the grass to get around the first plant.

Polar Pass
When you reach the area with several turbo pads, you can jump from the upper right corner of this platform to the right angle to jump on the water and land on the runway on the other side.

Dragon Mines
Shortly before the wooden spiral, you can follow a mining cart to bypass it. A useful shortcut but rather difficult to master during a race.

Via Hot Air
When you reach the first set of turbo pads, jump to the end of the ramp at the indicated angle to land on a part of the track that protrudes to the right.

Rocca Cortex
Once reached the clock tower, there is a platform on which you can jump to the left, provided you have enough drive to reach it.

N.Gin Laboratory
A minor shortcut is available once the turbo pad is reached after the section with the rotating barrel. You can jump to the left and land on the turbo pad to get a quick push.

Hell Island
The only shortcut is right at the beginning of the track. Immediately after the first bridge you can go left and jump on a small hill to cut the rocks. You will need a little boost to make the jump and it is much easier to do on the 2nd or 3rd lap.

Jungle Ball
Right after the start of the track where you jump to the lowest level, instead of jumping down you can climb a wall on the right, saving a small amount of time along the way.

Wumpa Meccanica You will come
to an arrow pointing to the left with 3 gears in front of you. Instead of going left you can jump through the gears, and to do that you need a boost to get through this shortcut quite quickly.

Vicolo degli Android
Going down a ramp you will see a large window with a yellow arrow sign pointing to the left. Ignore it and go straight through the window and out the other side back onto the track, gaining precious seconds.

Tiny Temple
Once you have passed the mud with electric wires you will find yourself on the green stone path, where there is a shortcut on the left that you can easily reach with a push.

Meteora Gorge
At the very beginning of the track, before jumping on the ice, you can go over the small hill on a path to the left with a turbo pad at the end.

Ruins of Barin
After exiting the metal tunnel, there will be a small hill a little further on that you can use when you move to jump over the small wall in front of you.

Out of Time
Right at the beginning of the track and to the right of the 2 ramps with the “!” Box.

At the Assembly, You can
jump over the front wall in front of you, taking momentum with the hill.

Tiger Temple
During a time trial this shortcut opens automatically, otherwise, in a race, it is necessary to hit it with a bomb, a missile or a mask to open the door.

To see in detail all the shortcuts of the game, so as to identify them more easily, we advise you to watch the video at the top.

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