A Fortnite Leak Reveals Week 8 Challenges of Season 9!

Fortnite Season 9: Epic Games Prepares to Launch the New Update 9.01

The work of the Fortnite Battle Royale dataminer continues, which have recently revealed the Challenges of Week 8 of Season 9, starting on Thursday 27 June. Below is the complete list of challenges leaked and spread by leakers.

We are approaching the end of Season 9 (the deadline is scheduled for 31 July) and Epic Games is trying to make the challenges more and more varied and interesting, as also shown by the new list of Week 8 Challenges, among which we find Use shields , visit different watches, eliminate opponents at Snob Beaches or Mega Mall and the challenge in phases Land in Palmeto Paradisiaco.

Fortnite Challenges Week 8

  • Use shields in a game
  • Cagli opponents with assault rifles Visit at least two different clock towers
  • Hit opponents with assault rifles
  • Land in Palmeto Paradisiaco (Challenge in Phases)
  • Use volcanic conduit, shock wave and a cable car in the same game
  • Eliminate enemies (zone not shown)
  • Eliminate the enemies of Snob Beaches and MegaMall

As always, let’s remember that the Fortnite Challenges listed above may change suddenly, Epic Games does not like this kind of leak and works hard to make the life of the dataminer difficult by removing or changing challenges even at the last second if necessary.