Apex Legends: Are Even Bigger Dragons Coming?

Apex Legends 2

As you well know by now, the arena of Apex Legends has been taken by assault by some Flyers, dragon-like creatures that roam the map and sometimes steal the coffers of the deceased players.

However, it seems that those present in the game are not the real Flyers, but their “small” version. According to the declaration of one of the dataminer, who has found two different types of dragons among the game files, the smaller ones could be a sort of scouts, which will allow the bigger ones to arrive in the next few days . We can therefore imagine that, in conjunction with the launch of the next season of Apex Legends, these monstrous beasts can make their arrival at the Canyon of the Kings by destroying and modifying the game map for the first time.

According to some dataminer, the arrival of these Flyers should have been allowed by the hypothetical new hero of Apex Legends called Crypto. This character is a skilled hacker who could have breached the arena fence, allowing access to these creatures. This is obviously unofficial information and we will have to wait a little longer to find out whether the young Wattson is the only new addition to the game’s roster during Season 2.