Destiny 2: The Lord of the Wolves Will Be Detuned… but Not Immediately!


The Lord of the Wolves has become a real monster. Recent changes introduced by Bungie have made this exotic shotgun one of the most powerful weapons of Destiny 2. Currently, he is literally dominating in the Crucible, especially in the Iron Banner of the Wealth Season.

All the fault of the perk “Release the wolves”, which allows the weapon to switch from the classic 5-round burst to a 10-shot with additional damage. In the past, it only went into action after a kill. His new variant, instead, inflicts less damage but can be activated at any time simply by keeping the reload button pressed. Basically, now all the players with The Lord of the Wolves go around in the Crucible with the version of the 10-round weapon, which takes out the enemies in the blink of an eye, even from a distance thanks to the excellent range. The problem, among other things, is further exacerbated on the PC.

As you can easily imagine, the community is not at all happy. According to what can be read in the last weekly of Casa Bungie, in any case, the software house does not intend to weaken it immediately. An intervention is a must, but it will not be carried out immediately, but later this summer.

The reason? The developers of Destiny 2 are already busy on another patch, and adding to the program also the nerf of the Lord of the Wolves would significantly increase the hours of work. Luke Smith, head of the studio, wants to avoid crunch time at all costs, so he decided not to overload his employees. In the meantime, players can enjoy memorable moments, as he himself said: “From time to time, in Destiny, stupid anomalous values ​​pop up, or periods when something is decidedly too powerful – like the Lord of the Wolves in this moment in the Iron Banner on PC. We don’t want these periods to last long, but they can be memorable. 

We take this opportunity to remind you that the next great expansion of Destiny 2, Shadows from the Deep, will arrive on September 17th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It will also arrive on Google Stadia, along with Destiny 2: The Collection.