Fly on a Tractor With the New Fortnite Store Update

Fly on a Tractor With the New Fortnite Store Update

Other than “On the tractor in the ring road”: Fortnite in the new store update, allows you to even fly using a tractor, given the new glider offered for sale in today’s update. Let’s see in detail all the new items for sale in the shop.

As we said we start from the epic (but only as an adjective, given that as a rarity it is only Rare) glider called Crop Duster, but it is not the only peasant-themed object: in fact, the Hayseed and Sunflower themed skins are also on sale. the back bling Haystacks and Sun Sprout, and the Gold Digger, a hoe-shaped … golden. The rare Biz skin and the Bizzy cover complete the picture.

Among the Daily Sales instead, we find the terrifying epic skin Nightwitch and the rare Snorkel Ops, the Demon Skull pickaxe and the Extraterrestrial and Wiggle emotes, and finally the Saxy Groove music, rare from 200 V-Bucks.

Before closing, we remind you that the update will be active from today 13 and that as usual, the items you purchase will only give you aesthetic changes to your character. Have you already decided how to spend your hard-earned V-Bucks?

As for the latest game news, did you know that Ninja didn’t qualify for the Fortnite World Cup? Staying on the field instead of skin, there are problems for the Wonder skin of Honor, as happened with the Honor Guard.