Fortnite: A Leak Reveals the Challenges of Week 9 and 10 of Season 9

Fortnite Down: Offline Server on June 18 for Update 9.30

Fortnite Battle Royale dataminers have struck again and, after having published the Challenges of Week 8 of Season 9, those related to weeks 9 and 10 have also sprung up on the net, namely the last two of the current season.

Here are the challenges:

Week 9 challenges

  • Use a Drink Barrel or a Trangugio Chanter in 3 different games
  • Visit the solar panels in the snow, in the desert, and in the jungle
  • Step 1 of 5: Eliminate an opponent with a common weapon (white)
    • Step 2 of 5: Eliminate an opponent with an uncommon weapon (green)
    • Step 3 of 5: Eliminate an opponent with a rare weapon (blue)
    • Step 4 of 5: Eliminate an opponent with an epic weapon (purple)
    • Step 5 of 5: Eliminate an opponent with a legendary weapon (orange)
  • Inflict 500 head damage points
  • Search for 7 chests in Laguna Languida or Borgallegro
  • Eliminate opponents in 5 different named locations
  • Use a volcanic conduit and inflict 200 damage to your opponents within 10 seconds of landing

Week 10 challenges

  • Use an Air Attack in 3 different games
  • Inflict 500 points on your opponents with a heavy rifle
  • Search for 7 ammo boxes in one game
  • Visit 5 different billboards at Neo Inclined, Mega Mall or Pressure Plant
  • Step 1 of 3: Collect wood from a Pirate Ship or a Viking Ship
    • Step 2 of 3: Collect Stone from a Fork or Umbrella
    • Step 3 of 3: Collect Metal from a Robot Factory
  • Eliminate 3 opponents at Pacific Park or Heavenly Palm Grove
  • Inflict 200 points on opponents with the pickaxe