Fortnite: Guide to the Fortbyte 20 Among the Top Three Circles of the Storm


Fortnite’s hunt for the new Fortbyte 20 is proving to be more difficult than expected for some players, but luckily the HarryNinetyFour YouTuber comes to our aid with a practical guide that reveals the exact position of this collectible.

The Fortbyte number 20 is ” at the center of one of the first three circles of the storm “, a play on words that is not easy to interpret and above all it is the first time ever that a Fortbyte is presented without a specific description of the place.

In reality, however, locating this Fortbyte is quite simple, it will be enough for you to keep an eye on the central circle of the storm, but remember that after the first three circles the Fortbyte 20 will no longer appear, thus forcing you to restart the game. Advice? Try to play in Team Squeeze mode, so the circle of the storm will have smaller dimensions.

Over the weekend, Epic has also published the Fortbyte 98 hidden inside along Viking house, other Fortbytes will be made available this week and certainly also for a good part of July.