Fortnite: Problems Also for the Honor Wonder Skin


This marriage has nothing to do. The collaboration between Epic Games and Honor with regards to Fortnite seems to be unable to take off. You will remember the various vicissitudes of the Honor Guard skin, which some attackers managed to violate, obtaining infinite codes.

The skin, therefore, originally conceived as exclusive to Honor customers, was put on sale on the black market and made available for practically everyone, forcing Epic Games to remove it from the game, study a counter-move and put it back in stock. However, each countermeasure turned out to be in vain, so much so that the skin’s path became almost a joke, as it was constantly removed and reinserted.

Even this new partnership does not seem to have been born under the best auspices, offering buyers of Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro another exclusive costume: the Skin Wonder. Also in this case, in fact, the initiative was suspended by both Epic Games and Honor itself, due to the high number of pirated copies that have already started circulating within the game.

We’ll see what happens in the coming days, if the offending accounts suffer punishments, and if the two companies finally manage to implement effective counter-moves against hackers.