Fortnite World Cup Without Ninja: The Famous Streamer Fails to Qualify for the Tournament

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The Fortnite World Cup, the biggest summer event (and not only) of the Epic Games Battle Royale will have to do without one of the stars of the Fortnite scene. Let’s talk about Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who will not take part in the competition in any way.

After being eliminated from the single qualifiers, Ninja failed even to qualify for the pair competitions, in fact in the last few hours the team composed of him and his teammate Reverse2K was eliminated, although the latter managed to qualify for single player competitions.

The couple scored 64 points in three hours, or 25 less than those required to enter the Fortnite World Cup final. In any case, Ninja says that “he will somehow be present at the event “, probably as a streamer or commentator.

Difficult to think that a show of this magnitude can see the total absence of Tyler Blevins, one of Fortnite’s ambassadors in the world, thanks to his immense popularity that has transformed him from a streamer into a pop character of global reach.