Gears 5: The Escape Map Editor Shows Itself on Video for the First Time

Gears 5

One of the biggest news of Gears 5, the flagship exclusive of Microsoft coming in September, will be the PvE Escape multiplayer mode, which promises to be the direct antithesis of the classic Horde.

As the three characters available – Mac, Lahni and Keegan – they will have to escape from a toxic green cloud, advance relentlessly to the next safe area and wipe out enemies on the way, both locally and online. Each of them will be characterized by distinctive skills and specific active or passive skill cards. The guys at The Coalition seem to focus a lot on Escape since after the launch they will continue to expand it with additional maps. What’s more, a level editor will also be included that will make the experience potentially endless.

Players will be able to customize the layout, place safe rooms, enemies, and weapons, and intervene on a multitude of other parameters. Now, for the first time, we can take a close look at the map editor thanks to a video from the IGN First series, which you can view by clicking on the link indicated at the bottom of this news. Gears 5, we remember, will be released on Xbox One and PC on September 10th. Like all Microsoft first-party titles, it will debut directly in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.