Google Stadia and Streaming Games Will Not Replace Consoles, According to Warner Bros.

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Are you worried that with the arrival of Google Stadia, PlayStation Now and Project xCloud the traditional consoles are in danger? According to the words of David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, you can sleep peacefully.

Here are the words of Haddad:

“I would be very careful in stating that streaming will automatically make subscriptions the new standard.”

“I believe we have already shown that the business model in which you pay a premium price to receive an experience during which you can enjoy 30, 40, 100 hours of play will ensure that users pay this price to receive these benefits. “Premium. It’s great for us. After all, we have some background with this sales model.”

“There are players who want to play well over 2 or 3 games over the course of a year, a figure that is average at the moment. With subscriptions like this, even those with similar habits can try and play many more titles.”

“The typical behavior of today’s players is to spend most of their time in a small circle of carefully selected games, which can be bought at full price on the market.”

In short, it is very difficult for casual and hardcore gamers to embrace the philosophy of mass streaming and, consequently, it is highly unlikely that this new technology will sweep away traditional consoles in a few years.