Harry Potter Wizards Unite Available in Another 130 Countries

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Works on Smartphones With Android Q Beta?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic’s augmented reality game, formerly the authors of Pokémon GO, after a somewhat surprising early release last week in selected countries, has now been made available in as many as 130 states.

Inspired precisely by Pokémon GO, the new Niantic app asks players to join in a secret task force to explore some iconic locations of the Wizarding World created by JK Rowling, which have been placed in the real world.

As in Pokémon GO, real places will be hotspots for various activities in the game, where players can learn new spells and capture legendary animals using their phone.

According to Niantic, the game will still have to arrive in other countries and invites all those for whom Harry Potter Wizards Unite is not yet available, to keep an eye on the official website and follow the social channels, to stay up to date.

Meanwhile, on our site, you will find lots of insights on the game, which started with a bang, given that Harry Potter Wizards Unite has already reached 400 thousand downloads. You can check out our Harry Potter Wizards Unite special, and then check our list to see if you have a smartphone compatible with the Harry Potter Wizards Unite.