In Monster Hunter World: Iceborne the Dynamic Difficulty Will Be Introduced

Monster Hunter World Iceborn: New Details from Capcom; Further Information at E3 2019

Big changes for Monster Hunter World, as Capcom has announced the arrival of the dynamic difficulty at the release of the Iceborne expansion, which will make the co-op experience less frustrating than the current model.

The new feature will be free for all and will be introduced with a new update at the exit of Iceborne. Currently, the difficulty of the game can be a bit punitive, given that the game has two different levels of difficulty, one for the single-player and one for the co-op. This model adjusts the monster’s health and regulates how hard the fight must be. Now, if you start a fight with 3 other players, and one of them disconnects, the challenge is inevitably more difficult.

As in general, two-player fights are more difficult than those in four, as the monster’s health is the same. It will not be so with Iceborne. First of all, there are three difficulty stages: one for the single player, one for couples and one for three or four players. But the biggest change is that the fighting hardness will change dynamically depending on the number of players present.

So starting a four-player fight, if two of them were to disconnect, the difficulty of the game will adapt accordingly. A change expected by many within the community. What do you think?

The release date of Monster Hunter World Iceborne is scheduled for September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, while on PC the game will arrive over the winter.