Marvel’s Avengers: The Duration of the Campaign Will Be Similar to That of Tomb Raider

Marvel's Avengers:

Square Enix, as stated on more than one occasion, focus very much on Marvel’s The Avengers, which will be Crystal Dynamics biggest project ever. The intention is to support the title for so long with the addition of heroes and levels completely free. However, this will not affect the amount of content that will be included at launch.

Creative director Noah Hughes was able to talk about the subject during an interview with WCCFTech. When asked about the duration of the main campaign, he said: “We do not want to talk about the hours specifically. We are committed to creating a complete action-adventure campaign. So even if we expand the game after the launch, if you have played Crystal Dynamics titles in the past, you will know that the main campaign usually lasts just under half of the entire experience, there will be many optional missions. You can face them during the campaign, or wait for the deadline to complete everything. There will be lots of content, it will be no different from the games we’ve played in the past. In this case, we also promised that we will add new heroes and regions at no additional cost. “

The precise duration of the main campaign, on balance, has not been revealed, but Hughes has promised a number of contents comparable to that of the previous Crystal Dynamics work, referring in all probability to the new Tomb Raider trilogy. The last adventures of Lara Croft offered campaigns lasting about 10-15 hours. In short, you won’t have to wait for additional content to benefit from a complete experience. On other occasions, we have also learned that the campaign will be playable entirely in single-player and offline.