My Friend Pedro Records the Best Launch Ever on Switch for Devolver

My Friend Pedro

Apparently, the madness of My Friend Pedro is infecting quite a few players. Through his official Twitter account, Devolver Digital announced that the title had one of the best launches ever for the company.

Things went even better on Nintendo Switch, where My Friend Pedro even became the game with the best debut ever for Devolver Digital. This is undoubtedly a great satisfaction for the guys at DeadToast Entertainment, who took care of development.

The title, remember, can be purchased from last June 20 on PC and Nintendo Switch at a price of 19.99 euros. It is a side-scrolling shooter in which the protagonist, spurred on by a sentient banana, is seriously determined to eliminate anyone who gets in front of him. The possibility of using the two weapons independently and the ability of the protagonist to link spectacular movements and jumps in the windows contribute to creating an elegant choreography of explosive action. To season it all there is the possibility of slowing down time, a sort of Bullet Time that brings My Friend Pedro closer to Max Payne.