Ninja Theory Has Many Ideas for the Bleeding Edge Single Player

Ninja Theory Has Many Ideas for the Bleeding Edge Single Player

The developers of Ninja Theory announced their new game, Bleeding Edge at Microsoft’s E3 2019 conference. However, it will not be edited by the HellBlade team: Senua’s Sacrifice, headed by the founder of the firm, Tameem Antoniades.

The game will instead be developed by a smaller team still owned by the Cambridge studio and will be the first multiplayer title produced by the software house. However, things could also change during construction. The director was Rahni Tucker, who said that the game will certainly only be available in multiplayer, but that it could be added in the future of single-player campaigns.

“Actually I think we could do some great single-player campaigns in the game. But it’s a very small team, and multiplayer is at the center of the game. It’s the most important thing, and you can’t do it second, you must “Be the first thing. Multiplayer is the game for me. We have the potential to do single-player stuff in the future, maybe, because there are so many interesting stories to tell with these characters, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

The first Alpha Technique of Bleeding Edge in the meantime will arrive Thursday, June 27th. What do you expect from Ninja Theory’s new work?