Overwatch: Zenyatta’s New Skin Is Inspired by the Jjonak Pro Player

Overwatch Zenyatta's New Skin Is Inspired by the Jjonak Pro Player

A few days after the announcement of the Overwatch mini-event dedicated to Baptiste, here is a video on the net entirely dedicated to Zenyatta, whose new legendary skin was created in honor of the professional player Jjonak.

For the uninitiated, Bang “Jjonak” Sunghyeon was the best player of the Overwatch League last year and his favorite animal is the octopus. Precisely for this reason, Blizzard has created a Zenyatta skin that replaces the classic spheres with crumpled tentacled creatures and has transformed the Omnic head into a sort of container with an octopus inside. This particular costume for the support hero can be obtained in-game from June 27th to July 14th in the store dedicated to competitive teams. The price of the skin is a good 200 coins, the equivalent of about 10.00 euros.

Did you know that thanks to the latest update of the Overwatch Public Test Realm it is finally possible to see the replays of the games? On the occasion of Overwatch ‘s anniversary, exclusive collector’s items dedicated to heroes such as Ashe, Reaper, and McCree were offered.