Phil Spencer on Xbox Live: “It’s Not a Place Where Anyone Can Say What He Wants”

Phil Spencer

Among the objectives of Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox section, is to create a healthier community environment for gamers, and therefore to make Xbox Live safer and less chaotic as possible, although to do so we will have to add of limitations.

He talked about it during a recent interview and later wrote Spencer himself in a blog post, who wanted to make it clear that Xbox Live is not a place where anyone can come and say anything”.

The team is indeed working because there is no place on the platform for those who offend and those who try to make it a toxic environment. “I don’t want to be vague about it, I want to be at the forefront so that you understand our motivations,” said Spencer, who announced that there will be new moderation tools, which will allow controlling the clubs and groups more efficiently, in so as to prevent attacks and incorrect behavior.

The decision could make people talk, given that in Spencer ‘s various speeches there was talk of topics such as freedom of speech, which is never a good thing that is affected, but on the Xbox side a large number of users has also lined up, which is in favor of stricter controls by the Redmond giant, to avoid unpleasant behavior by some users.