PS5: Found Another Patent That AIMS to Reduce Load With Ssd

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It seems that Sony wants to focus on drastically reducing uploads with the debut of the next generation console since a new patent linked to PS5 aims at a further reduction in loading times.

The patent in question has the objective of calculating the movement of the player within the game world to predict his movements and, consequently, to load in memory the portions of the map towards which he is going to go. In short, it seems that to accompany the fast SSD of PS5, the Japanese giant is also developing software that can reduce even more the duration of uploads in games whose map is quite extensive. At this point, we can not wait to see the official announcement of what is likely to be called PlayStation 5, an event during which Sony could showcase the potential of the machine not only in terms of graphics.

Did you know that in recent days Ed Boon, creator of Mortal Kombat, has criticized those talking about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett? Then according to the words of the developers of C2 Game Studio, the Ray Tracing of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will make the games of the next generation photorealistic.