Sony Celebrates 20 Years of Ape Escape With a Video!

SONY CELEBRATES 20 YEARS of ape escape

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia has published a celebratory video to celebrate the twentieth birthday of the Ape Escape series, born in 1999 on PlayStation and right from the start capable of receiving considerable public and critical success.

From 1999 to 2010, as many as 14 games were published in the series (some of which were confined to Japan alone), including major episodes, sequels, spin-offs, remakes, and collections, including:

  • Ape Escape (PS1, 1999)
  • Ape Escape 2001 (PS2, 2001)
  • Ape Escape 2 (PS2, 2002)
  • Ape Escape Pumped & Primed (PS2, 2004)
  • Eyetoy Monkey Mania (PS2, 2004)
  • Ape Escape Academy (PSP, 2004)
  • Ape Escape On the Loose (PSP, 2005)
  • Ape Escape 3 (PS2, 2005)
  • Ape Escape Academy 2 (PSP, 2005)
  • Ape Escape Million Monkeys (PS2, 2006)
  • Ape Escape Pipo Saru Racer (PSP, 2006)
  • Ape Escape Saru Saru Daisakusen (PSP, 2007)
  • Ape Quest (PSP, 2009)
  • Ape Escape Move (PS3, 2010)

Sony’s Japanese division has also published a free theme for PS4, available from today until 6 August, and from July 19 to August 1, Tokyo Ichibangai station will host a Pop-Up Shop dedicated to the Ape Escape series, with gadgets and limited edition merchandising.

At the moment, everything is silent on Sony’s western profiles and the anniversary has been highlighted only by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia, we look forward to possible celebrations also for Europe and North America. In the past few hours the Ape Escape Twitter profile has been opened, who knows that this may not be the right time to announce a new game …