Xbox Scarlett: CPU, GPU and SSD, Digital Foundry Discusses the Power of the Console

Microsoft Presents Project Scarlett, the New Xbox Next-Gen Console to Be Released in Late 2020

Digital Foundry published a long in-depth video in which the expert Richard Leadbetter speaks openly about the potential and technical specifications of Xbox Scarlett, based on what was said by Phil Spencer at E3 in Los Angeles.

The data currently in our possession seem to indicate a remarkable similarity from a hardware point of view between PS5 and Scarlett Xbox, both equipped with AMD Zen 2 CPU, GPU with Navi architecture and a customized SSD disk to minimize loading times.

Phil Spencer then confirmed the 8K support, Ray Tracing, and 120Hz, but without going into further details, simply stating that ” Project Scarlett will be four times more powerful than Xbox One X “, an interesting statement that does not reveal too much about the real potential of the Next-Gen console of the Redmond house.

Microsoft has recently confirmed that it is planning only one version of Xbox Scarlett and that the price of the new Xbox will be competitive, according to analysts this should fit into the range between 399 and 499 euros, probably in line with the price of PlayStation 5, also not yet announced by Sony.