A New PlayStation Vita Game Has Been Awarded the 10/10 Rating in Japan!

A New Playstation Vita Game Has Been Awarded the 10/10 Rating in Japan!

The case of Gnosia, a new visual novel for PlayStation Vita now available in Japan, is arousing some curiosity. The game was awarded a Perfect Score by IGN Japan and other titles also seem to have particularly appreciated this title.

The IGN Japanese division speaks of ” a game that will make you lose count of the hours, thanks to unique and unforgettable characters, a plot full of twists and simple but exciting game mechanics” , the magazine also praises the support for PlayStation TV , which will allow Gnosia player users also in a ” home ” version .

Gnosia does not seem destined to arrive in the West, certainly, it is surprising that production for PlayStation Vita released in 2019 (eight years after the console was launched) could receive such a high rating from one of the main international newspapers, a clear sign of the excellent work done by the developers. Who knows, maybe the title can’t be released on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and other platforms considering the good success in Asia.