Atelier Ryza: The New Teaser Anticipates the Announcement of the Western Location

Atelier Ryza

Through the pages of their official YouTube profile, the leaders of Koei Tecmo publish a teaser trailer that anticipates the now imminent announcement of the western version of Atelier Ryza for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The Roleplay Adventure in JRPG developed by Gust’s Japanese authors will, in fact, be the protagonist of a new streaming event that will involve Koei Tecmo’s YouTube channel on Thursday 27 June.

The only information offered to us by the last teaser trailer concerns the use of the English language to announce this event, a clear indication of the by now coming reveal of the western transposition of this ambitious project inspired by the noblest of the realistic action tradition of the Rising Sun.

As we have come to know with the card that accompanied the first images of Atelier Ryza, Gust’s role-playing game will have as protagonists Lent, Tao, and Klaudia, three boys from the village of Razenboden who will decide to escape to go hunting for adventures in the most dangerous regions of their fantasy world. The combat system will combine JRPG tradition turn-based attacks with real-time action breakers in which we can use white weapons and spells based on the discipline of Alchemy.

In Japan, Atelier Ryza is expected to launch on September 26th on the same platforms as the version that, presumably, will arrive in the West between the end of this year and the beginning of 2020, namely PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.