Blair Witch: Will Psychological Horror Also Be Released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

Blair Witch

The announcement of Blair Witch at E3 was one of the most welcome surprises of the conference organized by Microsoft at the Los Angeles video game fair. The psychological horror of Lionsgate Games is being developed for PC and Xbox One, but many wonder if it will also arrive on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The insistent questions from the community of fans of horror games on PS4 and Switch thus push the authors of Bloober Team to clarify the hypothetical exclusivity of Microsoft on the project by Blair Witch, the new horror film by the authors of Layers of Fear.

From the pages of, the head developer Maciej Glomb explains that “for now we are focusing on Xbox One and PC, but in the future, we will discuss the landing of the title on other platforms”. To the statements of Glomb are added the words spoken by the Lead Writer Basia Kciuk about the version intended for the users of Nintendo Switch: “At the moment we have no comment to make in this regard, but in the meantime you can always have fun with our other projects as Layers of Fear and Observation “ .

Still from Maciej Glomb, however, reassurances are coming to the desire of the developers of the Bloober team (and consequently of the leaders of the publisher of Lionsgate Games) to dedicate themselves as soon as possible to the transposition of Blair Witch for PS4 and Switch : “The Switch version(of Layers of Fear and Observation, ed) was not launched at the beginning but then it came out, so even with Blair Witch a similar situation could happen again, but at the moment we don’t really know what will happen “ .

The commercialization of Blair Witch on PC and Xbox One is scheduled for August 30 this year and, as often happens in these cases, it will be the commercial success achieved on these platforms that will determine the fate of future PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions.