Borderlands 3: Won’t the Rainbow and Pearly Rare Weapons Be Present at the Launch?

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Although Borderlands 3 promises to offer us more than a billion combinations of weapons, the description on the official Japanese site generates more than doubt in those who hope for the present, from the launch of the highly anticipated Gearbox Software looter-shooter, of the Rainbow weapons and pearly.

As highlighted by GameRant colleagues on the advice of the always attentive members of the ResetEra and Reddit videogame communities, the information sheet illustrating the equipment elements of the Borderlands 3 arsenal on the official website in Japanese explains that the title will include only five rarity levels for weapons, with gradations of color ranging from White (for the most common weapons) to Orange (for Legendary weapons).

The explorers of the Pandora star system who will be the first to wear the clothes of the Crypt Hunters, therefore, should not get the recently introduced Pearly weapons (such as the Eridian weapons of the first two Borderlands) and recently introduced Rainbow in the main campaign and endgame activities with the free expansion of Borderlands 2announced and published during E3 2019.

As happened recently with the controversial statements by Nomura on Tifa’s design in FF7 Remake, however, this time to it could be a simple error of interpretation in the translation from Japanese to English of the information contained on the official website of the next Gearbox shooter. While waiting for a final clarification from the boys following Randy Pitchford, we remind you that Borderlands 3 will be available starting September 13th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.