Cyberpunk 2077, V Will Not Be Fully Upgradable in One Run: New Game +?

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Information continues to appear on Cyberpunk 2077, the expected RPG in development at the CD Projekt RED studios. In response to a question from a fan on Twitter, the Lead Quest Designer Pawel Sasko revealed a very important detail about the character progression system.

The developer stated that it will not be possible to maximize the protagonist V during a single game. “Your question is about the progression of the character, an aspect we are still working on,” he replied to the fan. “Since we are still looking for the best formula, it could change in the future. Almost surely it will not be possible to upgrade everything to the maximum in a single game . It would make little sense, in a game that focuses on replayability and choices, to enhance the maximum all statistics in the first run “ .

A progression of this kind, after all, was more than desirable. There are many games based on choices in which it is not possible to enhance everything in a single game. Sasko’s words also seem to leave the door wide open for the inclusion of the New Game +, although this mode has not been mentioned directly. At the end of his message, in fact, he spoke clearly of “the first run”.

For the uninitiated, the New Game + is a modality that allows you to re-face the entire adventure from the beginning keeping all the skills, objects and equipment unlocked during the first game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, previous work of the studio, received it three months after the launch in a totally free way. Will the same happen in Cyberpunk 2077, or will it be present from the launch? We look forward to an official communication.