Devil May Cry for Nintendo Switch Comes in Five New Trailers!

Devil May Cry for Nintendo Switch

The videogame world of Devil May Cry is preparing to debut on Nintendo Switch: with the appointment now more than imminent, Capcom makes available for the public a new series of trailers!

The first chapter of the adventures of the beloved Dante, which over time has become one of the most famous icons in the video game universe, is, in fact, ready to debut on the hybrid console of the Kyoto House. To celebrate the occasion, gamers have the opportunity to take a look at five new Devil May Cry trailers for Nintendo Switch. These short films surely represent a suitable starter to prepare for this new publication of the Capcom title, porting taken from the HD Collection by Devil May Cry. To get into the mood and atmosphere of the videogame series, you can view the new videos directly in this news: the trailers are in fact available at the beginning and at the bottom.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the first chapter of the Devil May Cry saga will arrive exclusively in digital format on Nintendo Switch and can, therefore, be purchased by users via Nintendo E-shop. The publication date is now imminent: the Capcom production will, in fact, arrive on the console tomorrow, June 25th. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the dangerous world of Dante’s adventures?