Electronic Arts: Managers Give up Bonuses to Be Given to Developers

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In a note shared on the pages of GameSpot, Andrew Wilson and the staff of executives following the CEO of Electronic Arts inform us that they have decided to give up every annual bonus of the company.

In the joint statement, EA’s top executives explain that “even though we are disappointed by the financial results achieved in 2019, we understand the challenges we face and will continue to focus on how we can apply our company’s strengths to capitalize on the opportunities we have they will present themselves”. The turnover of EA’s last fiscal year, in fact, was “only” $4.95 billion, slightly down compared to 2018 when sales of 5.15 billion dollars were recorded.

To affect the failure to achieve the financial expectations of Electronic Arts should have been the flop of Battlefield 5 and the problems of Anthem that have affected sales in the post-launch period, so as to induce the company’s top management to make a change of strategy and a modification of the most responsible roles within the same BioWare development team.

The money “saved” by EA with the failure to pay its executives’ annual performance bonuses will be allocated to a fund to support the company’s developers. The sum that will flow into this fund will be rather large, if we consider the 4.8 million dollars renounced by current EA executives and, above all, the 20 million dollars for Patrick Soderlund’s severance pay. Even the former CEO and General Manager of EA DICE, released by EA in August 2018, has in fact decided to contribute to the cause by donating to the emerging fund for the developers of Electronic Arts the entire figure of the bonds agreed last year with the spheres of the American company.