For Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass Has Made Sea of ​​Thieves What It Is

Sea of ​​Thieves

When it was launched last year, Sea of ​​Thieves was rather criticized and branded almost like an incomplete game, but Microsoft continued to believe in the project and was right in the end, given the popularity that the game has achieved over time.

But what was the turning point of the game? He spoke Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division of Microsoft, which told of how the gradual evolution of the game was also due to Xbox Game Pass, which is a tool which thus can influence the ‘ “engagement” of the players and the role that community feedback plays in the process of developing a video game.

In fact, Sea of ​​Thieves was one of the first games to enter the Game Pass from day one, and it would have been a very different game if it had not received feedback during the first year.

“At launch, I read feedback from users who said,” Where is the other half of the game? “. But I would also like to say that Sea of ​​Thieves would not be where it is today if we had waited another year before launching it. a game that was literally created with community feedback, and the way you manage it after seeing it through users’ eyes, was something really interesting for all of us. “

What do you think of Spencer’s words? Do you agree? To learn more, take a look at the Sea of ​​Thieves anniversary update, which made the game even more popular. They are also in the arrival of the content theme Halo in Sea of Thieves. Do you like it?