Fortnite: 14 Days of Summer, Unveiled All the Mat That Will Be Proposed

Fortnite A Leak Reveals the Challenges of Week 7 and the Rewards of 14 Days of Summer

Today June 25 the long-running Fortnite 14 Days of Summer event will finally begin, during which a lot of activities will be proposed.

Every 24 hours, to begin with, one of the weapons removed in the past will be pulled out of the warehouse: this means that you will have the opportunity to put your hands back on the Explosive Arch, the old Pump Shotgun and many more. In addition, on a daily basis, daily challenges will be offered with free rewards, new costumes in the item shop and, above all, Time Mode (MAT, for friends).

The MAT that will be proposed will be a total of 14: among them, in addition to some knowledge, there will be some totally new ones. Below is the complete list, keep in mind however that they are randomly arranged, so the order of appearance will certainly be different.

  1. Heavy metal (teams) – In this mode, only weapons in the “Heavy” variant can be found in the loot boxes. Take the equipment and get out on the field!
  2. Hunting for storms: Surfing (teams) – Ride the crest of the wave and try to stay afloat. Everyone starts the game on a vehicle.
  3. Dive (teams) – Pure and simple summer fun: Try to eliminate your opponents with the new Water Bomb object.
  4. Upgrade (singles) – Become the most powerful player in the game. Consume as many shields as you can to become the last survivor.
  5. Don’t abandon anyone (couples) – United you win, split you lose. Don’t abandon anyone!
  6. Use with caution (pairs) – Resources are scarce in this mode, so build efficiently!
  7. Headshots (pairs) – Calm, cold blood and eyes on the viewfinder, and win the best aim.
  8. Battleship of battleships (squads) – A simple variant of the normal BR that increases players’ health and initial shields.
  9. Builder’s Paradise (teams) – A paradise for builders, who can demonstrate their skills and build at will.
  10. Wick’s size (pairs) – Wick’s Size is back! Eliminate the other players to get their coins and prove that you are the best on the field.
  11. Arsenal (singles) – Establish your domain with a variety of different weapons. Who is the best with the worst of the worst … is the best of the best!
  12. Brawl (teams) – A reinterpretation of the classic team break. This time the stakes are higher and you have fewer friends to trust.
  13. Equipment Exchange (Teams) – Shows how much you can adapt quickly to the fast evolutions of today’s world. According to a set timer, all players in the game are assigned the same random equipment.
  14. Strategic structures (teams) – In this variant of normal construction, one must think before positioning. What material should you use?

The 14 Days of Summer event will start tomorrow, June 25th and will continue until Sunday, July 7th. Today, meanwhile, the new Fortbyte 43 has appeared on the island of the Royal Battle: have you already recovered it?