Fortnite Challenges 14 Days of Summer: Dance at Different Beach Parties

Fortnite A Leak Reveals the Challenges of Week 7 and the Rewards of 14 Days of Summer

The first challenge of the Fortnite Season 9 Summer Days event is finally available. The challenge in question requires dancing in six beaches parties scattered on the map: in this mini-guide, we explain how to complete it.

During the event, 14 unique challenges will be proposed, accompanied by specific rewards. The reward for today’s mission will be the unpublished emote Where not to touch. By completing all the challenges (remember that a new one will come every 24 hours) you can unlock the Frappé decorative back. Below we explain how to complete today’s challenge.

Dance at different beach parties (0/6)

To complete this challenge you will have to dance inside the six areas of the map used as a beach party. 

All you have to do to complete the challenge, therefore, is to go to each of the six beach parties and dance inside them, using one of the emoticons in your possession. If you need a visual reference to more easily identify beach parties, you can watch the video at the top.

Meanwhile, let’s remember that all the Fortnite MATs of the 14 Days of Summer, coming during the event, have been revealed.

Dance at different beach parties