Fortnite: How Do You Use the New Chug Splash Object?

Chug Splash

The update of Fortnite 9:30 introduced the Chug Splash, a new gaming tool that has some quite interesting properties. It is a healing object that is used as if it were a bomb, ie it must be launched, and it will explode in contact with the ground.

All players within the blast radius receive 20 health points, or 20 shield points instantly . If the health is already at the maximum, in fact, the 20 extra points will be added on the shield, and even if you are missing a few health points to fill the bar, the remaining ones will then be converted into shield points.

It is an object of immediate use, therefore it has no cooldown and has no waiting time for it to fully take effect, and furthermore, being a launching instrument, it can treat teammates even remotely and even more players at a time, provided they are within range.

Not only that, but Chug Splash also recovered knockdown points, so you can also use it on your finished KO mates. Obviously though, if there were opponents within the object’s range of action, they too will be taken care of.

The object is rare Rare if you find two for each pack, and you can bring up to a maximum of six for each slot in the inventory.

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