Fortnite: News for the Cattus Event, the Volcano Has Been Modified

Fortnite Event

There seems to be something big boiling in Fortnite, regarding the Royal Battle mode. During the day today, the events of the 14 Days of Summer will, in fact, debut, but it is not the only news coming, apparently.

Epic Games has in fact modified the Volcano, without however any updating to download (therefore it is probably some encrypted file escaped from the data miners), and now the Pressure System seems more and more a sort of arena, as you can see in the images taken from the tweet at the bottom of the news. Will it be part of a new event?

As if that were not enough, it is the usual data miners who unveil a potential new novelty, posting photos of some new posters that seem to relate to the Cattus event, code-name with which the event dedicated to the monster of Fortnite that destroyed the castle of Polar Peak.

In short, with the arrival of summer, it seems that the developers of Epic Games have no intention of staying at rest, and Fortnite players will have to prepare for an even hotter summer season on the famous Battle Royale.