Fortnite, the 9.30.1 Update Arrives With the New Revolver and the 14 Days of Summer Event

Fortnite It's Official, the New Revolver

Epic Games has released the first 9.30 content update for Fortnite, which has introduced quite a bit of novelty in the Royal Battle, Creative Mode and Save the World.

To begin with, the new Revolver variant has been added to the Royal Battle. You can find it in the spoils on the ground, in the chests, in the vending machines, in the supplies deliveries, and in the loot transporters in the epic variants (63 damage per hit) and legendary (66 damage per hit). The magazine contains 6 ammo, while the headshots guarantee a multiplier of 2.

The uncommon and rare pump shotgun, the shock wave grenade and the silenced machine gun, for their part, were pulled out of the warehouse. A different fate instead for the rare tactical Assault Rifle, the Pulse Grenade, the Portable Slit, and the Pirate Cannon, which instead ended up in the warehouse. In addition, today’s match marks the beginning of the Fortnite 14 Days event, which for the next two weeks will propose daily challenges with free rewards, new costumes in the item shop and, above all, Time Modes that will rotate daily. Today it’s up to Tuffo (teams). Below you will find the details of the MAT:

  • Active regeneration
  • The main objective is to inflict damage to people with the new Water Bomb object
  • The winner is the one who reaches the predetermined score first

In the Creative Mode, 4 prefabricated buildings and 11 galleries inspired by the famous cube Kevin were introduced. In Salva il Mondo, instead, came the WarGames simulation called Scorciatoia and the new Astro-Mazza 9000. The 14 Days of Summer event will also move this Fortnite mode with daily missions and many prizes! Today, meanwhile, the new Fortbyte 11 has appeared, located under a parrot that flies in a circle.