Fortnite: The Summer Drift Skin Is Now on Sale, Due to the Anger of the Fans

Fortnite: The Summer Drift Skin I

In the last hours have broken some controversy regarding Fortnite, particularly because of Epic Games’ decision to make the skin Summer Drift for a fee in the new update of the Fortnite shop.

This is a remake of skin, but it was only available to those who had purchased the Battle Pass for Season 5, and it is, therefore, the first time that Epic breaks its promise not to sell exclusive content to the public.

The skin in question brings with it new shorts and a floral necklace, as well as a new tattoo and a few other details, but it was enough to trigger the anger of some players, given that previously exclusive content is now available for purchase at 1500 V -Bucks in the store.

For the truth, it is not the first time that Fortnite shows remakes of old skins, which in some cases are even given away to the owners of the original skin. This was not the case, and the fact that it is an exclusive content could represent an annoying precedent with regard to other types of content (or other outfits), something which the players would not be particularly enthusiastic about.

What do you think of the situation? Do you find it unfair to sell once exclusive content, or is it a good opportunity to make sure everyone can enjoy it?

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