Frogwares Explains the Reasons for the Exclusive Epic Store on The Sinking City

The Sinking City

The decision of the exclusive Epic Store on The Sinking City has sparked quite a bit of controversy among PC gaming enthusiasts. Near the launch of their ambitious horror adventure, the authors of Frogwares explain why they decided to forge an exclusive agreement with Epic Games.

Representing the Ukrainian software house, developer Sergey Oganesyan explained on the sidelines of E3 2019 that “some people were disappointed with this decision, while others were even angry and accepted this choice with frustration. But there are others at which is fine, of course. We understand the frustration of the fans but we ask the players to understand that we had to make this choice as it is important for our future as a company committed to developing games”.

In pointing out the concept to try to reconcile with his audience , Oganesyan then invites us to remember that the exclusivity of The Sinking City on Epic Games Store does not preclude the possibility for fans to buy the title on other systems, since “it is a huge advantage for us to be able to develop video games for so many platforms. But yes, I understand the frustration”.

If the PC version of The Sinking City will be available only and exclusively on the Epic Store, in fact, lovers of Lovecraftian-style horror experiences will still be able to find the title in the digital stores of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the same day of launch of the PC edition , that is starting from Thursday 27 June .