Genshin Impact: Half an Hour of Gameplay From the Zelda Breath of the Wild Clone

Genshin Impact

Eager to immerse yourself in the dark-hued atmospheres of the Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel? MiHoYo’s Chinese authors come to our rescue by announcing Genshin Impact, a new role-playing action for PC and mobile systems that seems to be full-blown by BOTW and the historic Japanese anime production.

The game video that you find at the beginning of the article comes from the current phase of closed beta testing that is taking place on a PC: scrolling through the gameplay scenes we can guess the strong playful and artistic assonances with Breath of the Wild, but also with the Studio Ghibli’s masterpieces of animation and with videogame series like those of Ni No Kuni and Tales Of.

Net of the considerations on the more or less “blatant” similarities between this project and the much more famous BOTW, Genshin Impact seems however to offer an incredible graphics segment for a similar low budget production and, what is more important, a capable gaming system to stand up to the most famous Japanese and Western action RPGs.

Between intense magical battles and the white weapon, free-roaming exploration sessions of a fantasy dimension that seems to be imbued with mysteries and characters with complex character traits, Genshin Impact will try to make all fans of The Legend of Zelda and games happy role “in the oriental” drawing inspiration from the interactive works of the masters of the genre. The marketing of Genshin Impact is scheduled in the West in the spring of 2020 on PCs and mobile systems, but with the concrete possibility of a future landing on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch if the project were to have the success hoped for by the developers of Shanghai.