GTA 5 RPG: A Horror Roleplay Mod Turns It Into a Land Full of Zombies!

GTA 5 RPG: A Horror Roleplay

While the community of fans of Grand Theft Auto 5 questions the goodness of the GTA 5 mods with 4K and Ray Tracing, the phenomenon of the RolePlay Mod continues to spread among the lovers of the Rockstar Games blockbuster and begins to take decidedly unusual contours, for don’t say macabre.

As PC Gamer colleagues report, in fact, an increasingly large slice of players who are competing with the challenges of the GTA 5 RolePlay Mods on PC is choosing to take on the appearance of zombies and undead hunters.

The post-apocalyptic dynamics created by the bizarre behavioral routine followed by these users contribute to making the gaming experience usable within GTA Online’s Free Roam mode servers decidedly original.

The unusual perspective offered by the struggle between zombies and hunters transforms GTA 5 into a real horror film with the contours of a Hollywood-style disaster movie, as we can guess by retracing the crazy deeds experienced by the PC Gamer editorial staff in the Roleplay Mod RottenV. What do you think of this “video game experiment” and, more generally, of the RPG activities performed by many Grand Theft Auto 5 enthusiasts?