Harry Potter: Wizards Unite How to Level up Quickly

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

To face the most challenging challenges of Harry Potter Wizards Unite it is important to level up with your character. In this mini-guide, we explain how to do it as quickly as possible, showing you the fastest methods to gain experience points.

As you level up in the Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you will become more powerful wizards, unlock new abilities (such as creating potions) and be able to face the most challenging challenges like Fortresses. Below we explain how to gain experience points as quickly as possible.

Complete tasks and missions

Some daily assignments and all SOS assignments guarantee you a considerable gain of experience points, so concentrate first of all on this activity. Most daily missions will be fairly simple and will provide a little boost for experience points, while SOS activities may take several days to complete.

Throw excellent spells

Casting spells well is a first step to gaining more experience points. As in Pokémon GO, the more precise you are, the more experience points you will get with each attempt. By casting the spell accurately and quickly, you can get a special rating, with the following bonuses in terms of experience points:

  • Good: 20 PE
  • Excellent: 50 PE
  • Master’s Degree: 100 PE

It may not sound like much, but getting an average of 50 experience bonus points with each spell can help a lot, especially at lower levels. Spend some time casting spells to get the best possible movement. It will make a difference.

Use the elixir of Baruffio’s mind

The elixir of Baruffio’s mind will allow you to get double experience points on all defeated Soqquadri, completed Fortress plans and Passports crossed. This will give you three opportunities to get double experience points. From the moment you drink the potion, you will have 30 minutes to take advantage of the effects before it vanishes: take advantage of it to earn as many experience points as possible by completing the three activities listed above.

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