In the Astral Chain We Will Have Five Legions: But the Initial Candidates Were Many More!

The New Astral Chain Video Shows the Combat System, Exploration and Much More

Astral Chain is the new title of Platinum Games, created by the software house exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Some of the features of the project were deepened by animator Marumi Nakajo, via the team’s official blog.

On the pages of the latter, in fact, the developer has described some interesting background stories of what Nakajo defines as the “one player, two characters” approach. In fact, within Astral Chain, our videogame alters ego, a member of the special Neuron government defense team, will be joined and supported by special creatures, called Legion. The latter was progressively revealed to the public through the game trailers and the recent Astral Chain gameplay sessions broadcast by the Nintendo Treehouse station at E3 2019.

Through its blog post on Platinum Games, Nakajo confirmed that in the final version of the game we can find five different forms of Legion. He also published a summary image of the latter found at the bottom of this news and which indicates, from left to right, the Legion Swords, Arrow, Arm, Beast, and Ax. However, the animator revealed that in the initial stages of production, the team had also considered other options: some of the original ideas were presented in another artwork, also available at the bottom. Interestingly, Nakojo revealed that not all the discarded material has been lost. Some potential Legions have in fact represented a source of inspiration for the Chimeras, creatures that we will meet again in Astral Chain!

The new exclusive Nintendo Switch is expected on the hybrid console starting August 30th.