Is Overwatch 2 Under Development? Rumor on the Release Date

Overwatch Finally Adds Game Replays

The French daily LeMonde spoke in recent days of the development of Diablo 4, confirming the existence of the game, apparently already in an advanced state of development with the support of the Parisian division of Blizzard.

But LeMonde has also revealed the existence of Overwatch 2, a sequel to one of the best-selling multiplayer shooters in recent years. Blizzard would be working simultaneously with Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 and to speed up the works it would also have canceled a mysterious project not yet announced.

No details have been leaked on Overwatch 2 but we will hardly see the game before 2020, at least according to some rumors leaked from sources close to the publisher Activision. It is not clear if the title is being worked on only for the current generation consoles or if it will also be released on PS5, Xbox Scarlett and maybe Google Stadia.

Blizzard has never expressed itself on the sequel of Overwatch but the relative lack of support in recent months would make one think of a team committed to deciding the guidelines for the near future