Marvel’s Avengers: The Loot Will Be Very Important and Will Be Based on Rarity

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As part of a substantial interview granted to WCCFTech, the creative director of Marvel’s Avengers was able to talk about the importance of loot within the gaming economy. According to the statements, getting new equipment for heroes will be a major source of entertainment.

First of all, the developer confirmed the presence of the classic rarity system of objects acquired on the battlefield (rare, epic, legendary, etc.). After that, he added: “There will be a lot of equipment that will be much more difficult to acquire and that will provide additional benefits. Starting the game as a superhero is part of the fun, but thanks to the acquisition of new skills and objects you can customize it to measure”.

Never fear, however, the famous Marvel heroes will not be distorted. Thor, for example, will continue to hold his hammer. The developers will intervene on the outfit, while some equippable objects will provide benefits while not being directly visible on the character.

Marvel’s Avengers, remember, will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia on May 15th, 2020. It will offer a completely playable single and offline campaign, which will have a duration similar to that of Tomb Raider.