NBA 2K19: The Ads Arrive During the Loading Screens!

NBA 2K19:

Some players do not seem to have digested 2K Games’ latest move: the company has decided to show the TV show Snowfall during the NBA 2K19 loading screens, preventing players from being able to skip the video.

During the game uploads, short clips taken from 2KTV are usually transmitted, which if viewed in their entirety allow the player to get in-game virtual currency. These videos can be skipped by pressing a button and therefore nobody is forced to watch the videos, so it was not for the TV series Snowfall, which cannot be “skipped” in any way.

A decision that part of the community does not seem to have digested, accusing 2K Games of never having solved serious bugs in the MyGM and MyLeague modes, in addition to having introduced rather invasive microtransactions for the MyCareer mode. At the moment the developers have not replied to the accusations, however difficult to think that the problems of NBA 2K19 can be settled within a few weeks of the launch of NBA 2K20, arriving in September.