Nintendo Orders an Unusual Amount of Memory Chips: Does It Have to Do With Switch Mini?

Nintendo Switch Mini Unveiled by Mistake? Leak Covers, Cases and Films

Although the Kyoto company has not announced anything during its Direct event at E3 2019, rumors and speculation about the possible imminent announcement of a new model of Nintendo Switch will not stop.

The possibility of seeing a “Mini” variant of Nintendo Switch sooner or later seems to become more and more concrete day after day: after the first sighting of some accessories of the new console model, further references have also appeared on the portal of the Spanish division by GAME, a well-known video game retailer.

To make matters worse, the Taipei Times reports an anomalous behavior held by the great N in the last days. According to what we learn, Taiwanese Macronix said it had received an order linked to a large number of memory chips from Nintendo. This is a 30% increase compared to the usual, something that Macronix called ” unusual ” by the Kyoto company.

It will certainly not be a definitive confirmation, but this could prove to be another clue that leads us to the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Mini. Pending any confirmations or denials, however, we invite you, as usual, to take the news with due caution. Would you like the arrival of a miniaturized and exclusively portable version of the large N hybrid?