PS5: The Next-Gen and Zen 2 Will Make the Ray Tracing Widespread, for the Co-Founder of Somasim

PS5: Sony Talks About Technical Specifications, Streaming, Cloud and Goals for the Future

During the month of April, decidedly surprising, Mark Cerny, of Sony, shared with the public the first information about what will be the technical features of PlayStation 5.

These initial details gave way to different personalities of the videogame world to express their impressions on what will be the future of gaming at Sony. Among these, we also find Matthew Viglione, co-founder of SomaSim, a software house known for its work on the Project Highrise franchise. Interviewed by the editorial staff of the Gaming Bolt portal, the latter offered some comments on what could be the potential of the PlayStation 5 processor. According to Viglione, the AMD Zen 2 available to the console could allow a wide diffusion in the next-gen titles of the use of Ray Tracing technology. In particular, the latter underlined how this technology could represent the “lens flare of the next generation of consoles”. With the Ray Tracing, he predicts, “there will be reflections everywhere”.

The possibilities linked to the implementation of this technology in the next-gen field is certainly an interesting topic, on which C2 Game Studio has also expressed itself, according to which we will see the games become more photorealistic.