Square-Enix Confirms: Final Fantasy XV Has Increased the Popularity of the Jrpg Series

Final Fantasy XV

Expected for about a decade, and came to light after a rather troubled period of development, Final Fantasy XV turned out to be one of the most controversial JRPG series of Square-Enix in recent years.

Presented to the public under the name of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and characterized by a dark and mysterious concept conceived by Tetsuya Nomura, the project was later entrusted to the hands of Hajime Tabata, who preferred to lead the title towards more relaxed tones and constructing the narrative development around the idea of ​​travel. Although the diegesis of the game has not proved particularly solid, a single element that has effectively split the fanbase of the franchise into two was the renewed combat system and completely detached from the historic turn-based system.

Net of controversies and discussions related to these topics, Final Fantasy XV has been able to satisfy Square-Enix’s expectations: as reported by CEO Yosuke Matsuda, the Japanese publisher is sure to have created a unique experience within the series, thus managing to increase visibility and consideration towards the franchise:

“Yes, I think we succeeded because we tried many different things with Final Fantasy XV. Of all the titles in the series, I think this is quite unique. And I think it was played not only by historical fans but also by many new one’s players. I think he made an important contribution in this context. ” 
Also from the financial point of view, Final Fantasy XV has fulfilled its task: in November 2018, the game has become the third best-selling chapter in its series.

Meanwhile, Hajime Tabata has subsequently decided to part ways with Square-Enix to open a development studio of its own, the publisher continues to focus on its historic role-playing saga, and prepares for the arrival, scheduled for March 3, 2020, on PS4, of Final Fantasy VII Remake.