Square-Enix Could Make Other Remakes or Remasters of Its Time Series


In addition to putting the focus on innovation and original IPs, Square-Enix seems very interested in bringing the iconic franchises that made the history of the Japanese company back to life.

Of the fact that Square-Enix is ​​still inclined to turn its gaze to its past, we have had concrete proof of it with the announcement of Final Fantasy VIII Remaster, of Trials of Mana and Secret of Mana Collection, as well as, obviously, Final Fantasy VII Remake.

According to recent statements by CEO Yosuke Matsuda, Square-Enix will continue to follow the path already traced and will not close the doors to similar operations linked to other historical series. Matsuda, in fact, made no secret of his commitment and desire to republish as many older games as possible, as reported by Game Informer.com:

” If it’s a popular series, we want to revive it entirely without taking into account how profitable every single chapter is,” his words. “We prefer to put the entire series out there so that it can be enjoyed again. 

Clearly, we must keep in mind that real remakes like the one reserved for Final Fantasy VII require years of work and huge resources to be able to be realized. Matsuda is well aware of the risks and timing of work that may be encountered in these cases and states that a remake is justified only if the renewed experience is actually able to improve the original one. Net of this, however, it is clear that the company is not excluding anything at the moment, and that in the future we could see new announcements in a nostalgic key: think of the possible revivals of Parasite Eve , Chrono Trigger , Vagrant Story, or further chapters of the Final Fantasy series, whether they are remastered or remakes.